“I was suffering from infertility issues for two years. After my second miscarriage, I decided to take a break for a couple months before taking the next step – seeing a fertility doctor. In that break, I gave acupuncture a try. It was in a way, my last-ditch effort before taking the leap to spending a ton of money and going through a bunch of medical procedures.
Rachelle was amazing. She made me so comfortable, and gave me a new sense of hope. After about ten weeks of treatment, I was absolutely amazed to find out that I had actually become pregnant naturally. I am now such a believer in the power of acupuncture!”

Kari, Age 32

I had made my appointment with the Mayo Clinic before someone told me about Rachelle. I was having terrible G.I. problems for the first time in my life—upset stomach, loss of appetite, nausea and weight loss. I had been feeling this way for over seven months. I had many, many tests performed and my gall bladder was removed but I was not getting better. After seeing a naturopath, I eliminated some foods from my diet. While this gave me some relief, I still felt I was “missing something.” I’ll never forget my first session with Rachelle. After telling her my symptoms, she said “o.k., let’s make you better.” She said this with more confidence than any of the many doctors I had seen and this alone made me feel better. Rachelle was both caring and empathetic. When the needles went in, my stomach reacted like a roller coaster. I had never felt anything like it. I knew my body was definitely responding to the needles. I went home that night with an appetite. It was a great feeling. Since then, Rachelle has adjusted my treatments and herbs according to my symptoms. I cancelled my Mayo Clinic appointment and continue to receive acupuncture treatments. I am so blessed that Rachelle was put into my life. She has helped me to get my health back and I will always be grateful to her.

– Kathy K. Age 45

Rachelle is a sincere, thorough, compassionate, honest, generous, and competent professional. She has quite literally changed my life! It has been such a beautiful experience for me that my husband now also receives acupuncture treatments from Rachelle.

Before I met Rachelle, I was becoming an increasingly sickly person and aging faster than I should (I’m in my mid 40’s). I felt rundown and I was constantly getting illnesses and fevers, and even acne. This was really difficult for me, since for all of my life, I had been an athlete and constantly involved in extreme outdoor activities which required me to be in top physical shape. Several years ago, I came down with double pneumonia which I didn’t completely recover from for two years. .

It didn’t occur to me that acupuncture could help me with these issues, but I began seeing Rachelle to see if acupuncture could help reduce my stress level. On my first visit, I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I just wanted to ‘try’ acupuncture. I learned right away that acupuncture was painless and relaxing, but I was shocked when I immediately experienced actual physical changes because of the acupuncture. Little did I know that Rachelle would be able to treat all of my health issues and that today I would be living a more healthy, happy, and balanced life! It’s been amazing. Thank you, Rachelle…

– Barbara S. Age 47

Migraines were ruining my life – they were so bad I was unable to work. After exploring every treatment, consulting countless doctors and taking every available prescription, I consulted Rachelle. After my first treatment I felt better. After several months of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and a slight change of diet, I was experiencing significantly fewer migraines and was able to stop taking prescriptions drugs with their vicious side effects. Now, a year later, I no longer have migraines and my friends are still telling me how great I look. Being pain-free is a tremendous gift. Rachelle and Oriental medicine have given me my life back.

– Lisa M. Age 39

I am in my early 40’s and have had severe allergies since I was a small child, which developed into chronic bronchitis and asthma for the past 20 years. I have been to numerous medical doctors, pulmonologists, ENT’s and allergists all to no avail. My family practice doctor suggested I try acupuncture and I was referred to Rachelle Marmor. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try and was amazed at the immediate improvement. I am now using half the amount of medication I used to use and, more remarkable, is the fact that I haven’t had a bronchial infection in over 9 months. I haven’t gone that long in over 10 years. I feel more relaxed and breathe easier after every treatment.

– Memri S. Age 41

I have been an athlete all of my life. As I’ve gotten older, it’s been harder to recover from my various sports related injuries. I went to see Rachelle Marmor about an ongoing problem with my knee. The results were almost immediate and I was pain free in no time. Later, when I tore some ligaments and needed emergency surgery, Rachelle used acupuncture to help with the post-operative recovery. I had surgery on the other knee when I was younger but this time I found that the amount of time it took to heal was drastically reduced. I really believe that the acupuncture treatments made the difference.

– Jim R. Age 46

I originally tried acupuncture out of desperation when allopathic medicine could not help a severe body rash. Knowing nothing about Chinese medicine or acupuncture, I followed the recommendation of a friend and went to see Rachelle. After being successfully treated for the dermatitis, I have found other areas of my health have also been successfully treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I continue to see Rachelle because I have found the treatments keep me balanced and provide an overall feeling of well being.

– Diana R. Age 81

My husband, Phil and I had waited until our mid 30’s to have children and had been trying unsuccessfully for 2 years. We were feeling frustrated and were about to start working with fertility specialists to help us figure out why we weren’t getting pregnant. I have always preferred natural, less invasive healing methods and heard that acupuncture might be able to help. So, I started seeing Rachelle. She was GREAT! She explained why she thought we weren’t conceiving and gave us hope about something that we could do. I saw Rachelle a couple of times prior to meeting with the fertility specialists. Unfortunately, they couldn’t figure out why we weren’t conceiving. So, they wanted us to come in for additional tests and possibly start fertility drugs the following month. Fortunately, we never needed to because with Rachelle’s help we were able to conceive our first child. I continued to see Rachelle throughout my pregnancy and am happy to report that I had a fabulous pregnancy. Our daughter Grace was born happy and healthy on June 16, 2004 weighing 8 lbs. 3 1/2 ozs. and measuring 21 1/2 inches long. Our entire family is grateful for the support and treatment that Rachelle provided us throughout my pregnancy. We feel so blessed to have our daughter. She is truly a miracle. Thank-you Rachelle from the bottom of our hearts.

– Andrea A. Age 35

Seeing Rachelle Marmor has quite literally changed my life. I had reached the point of desperation when I was referred to Rachelle. I suffer from Meniere’s disease, which causes severe dizziness. I could not drive for fear of losing control of my car during an episode of vertigo. I had been going to various doctors for almost 5 years looking for answers. Many tests were run and a lot of medicine was prescribed but nothing seemed to work. The last option was to have a procedure that would leave me deaf in one ear with a 6-8 week recovery period. This was not acceptable to me. I had reached the end of the road with “western medicine”. A friend who had great results referred me to Rachelle. On my first visit she explained the process and helped put me at ease. I was relieved to find that there was nothing painful about it. In fact after the first treatment, I was excited to return. Rachelle set goals for me and for her treatments. And we reached every one of them! Rachelle has a wonderful dedication to the practice of Chinese medicine and the healing of a person. Her determination and positive outlook helped me live a normal life once again. My condition was not masked or fixed – I have been healed.

– Karen R. Age 28